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Show Your Work

HYFY is the simplest way to record and share a video of your
work so the team just “gets it.”

Capture Fast. Share with Anyone. It’s really that easy.

HYFY is built for sharing with easy tools to share anywhere you can paste a link or in your favorite workflow tools.

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Easy-to-access link sharing

After you record your video a share link is automatically copied to your clipboard. You’re ready to tell the world right out of the box.

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HipChat and JIRA Integration

Using the share link in these tools is an easy first step but we also integrate into HipChat and JIRA to provide quick, easy access to your shared videos.

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Slack Integration

Slack users can share right from HYFY and include comments and @mentions to keep the conversation moving.


HYFY captures your screen and audio to allow you to narrate the action on screen. Add all the color commentary you want. We’re listening.


It’s no fun waiting for videos to buffer, files to upload and beach balls to spin. You have better things to do with your time. Like eating tacos.


Slack integration is available out of the box or just paste a link anywhere you want. Share them with teams or the world. We won’t judge.

HYFY for the Whole Team.

Don’t worry there’s plenty to go ’round.
For Product Managers

Running a project is hard work. Make things easier by sharing videos of project highlight, milestones or just gush over a new feature.

For Designers

Design collaboration can be an evil game of telephone. Share clear and directed feedback with clients, colleagues, or that special person you’re trying to impress in QA.

For Developers

You know that elusive bug you can only replicate on Mondays when the coffee machine is running? Capture that with HYFY. Or anything else you want. You are a slave to screen shots no longer!

For QA

Bugs, bugs, bugs and everyone wants a repro case. You can blast through your QA list with HYFY. Show the team exactly how you found that bug. You know you love it.

For Sales

Your collateral is a 90 page whitepaper or worse – a cheesy brochure. Show and tell clients about your product. Let that slick sales pitch come through with real HYFY videos.

For Training & Support

HYFY videos make it easier than ever to create a library of commonly asked questions and solutions for your training team. Now, if you could just use it to train your mother-in-law to use the DVR.

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